Ultimate Guide When You Buy Running Shoes

By on January 16, 2018

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With so many different styles of running shoes and athletic footwear available it can make it difficult to determine the top running shoes that you should be buying.

You can easily see the many colors and brand names that are lining the shelves but the features you should consider may be less apparent.

One of the first things that you need to look at is your feet and figure out which shoe is going to be best suited for your individual needs.

Each person has a different type of foot and in order to choose top running shoes you have to make sure the footwear will match the shape and characteristics of your feet.

Consider These Possibilities

You need to choose top running shoes that are the correct size and shape for your feet. Your longest toe should be no closer to the end of the toe box than ½ inch. There should also be enough room within the shoe for your foot to expand comfortably with each stride.

Make sure there is adequate cushioning along the sides and back of the shoes. The soles of the running shoes should be designed for maximum traction.

Light-weight materials are the choice of runners who want every edge in a competition.

The shoe should fit snugly but comfortably on your foot and there should be no rubbing at the back of your heel as you walk or run. Most athletes also prefer running shoes that feature adequate ventilation for their feet.

There are many athletic shoes available in the market like ASICS GEL VENTURE, BROOK, SAUCONY, and naturally you will want to go for the best buy as you compare prices regardless if these pairs are for a man or woman. The best Road Runner Running Shoes would only be the best for you if know what you want and what to look for.

Running Shoes

Determine the Needs of your Feet

Feet Type

Find out if you have a normal arch, a flat foot or an unusually high arch in your foot. Step in damp sand or place your wet feet onto a sheet of paper and look at the silhouette.

A normal arch means your footprint will show the toes, heel and ball of your foot; a flat foot is more obvious because your footprint will show an imprint of an entire foot (lowered arch and all); If you have an arch that is higher than normal the footprint will  be mostly toes and heels with little shape in between.

Matching the Running Shoes to Your Foot

With a normal arch you will have a wider variety of top quality running shoes from which to choose.

Stability shoes may be one of your best bet because these are designed to fit those feet with more standard characteristics.

So, what are the main foot types and what type of shoes do you need for those foot types?

Motion control shoes can be used for anyone who has an over-pronated foot. This type of shoe is commonly chosen by individuals whose feet have a tendency to be ‘flat’.

In this type of situation the arch is not completely stable and when you run your foot has too much forward motion. With a shoe that has the ‘motion control’ feature this rolling, forward motion can be held in check.

Those runners with a higher arch have feet that are less flexible than normal. These individuals feel more impact each time their feet are hitting the ground. The top running shoes for these consumers include neutral running styles that feature extra cushioning and shock absorbing midsole areas.

Arch Type

What Not to Do

Do not base your decision about new running shoes on price alone. Some of the moderately priced shoes will deliver comfort and performance that exceeds those higher priced versions.

ASICS, Nike, Etonic, New Balance, Saucony and Brooks are just a few of the marquee names that produce top quality running shoes. No matter what type of foot and running style you may have there are usually several styles of athletic running shoes that you may want to consider.

The Best Road Runner Running Shoes Advice

Road Runner running shoes

Image source via runnerschoice.net

Road Runner Running Shoes are an important necessity these days not only for health, weight loss, and wellness but also if you’re into athletic sports.

First, check if it has good cushioning. It doesn’t have to be cushioned all over but coverage in the heel and forefront area can give you more support for a better run. Some foot motion especially in the middle will do well and this is why cushioning should only stay at the forefront and heel.

Second, it has to be lightweight. You don’t want to be weighed down if your sport requires moderate to heavy running and your running shoes weigh like a kilo; they have to be 25 oz at the most.

Third, it has to have a stabilizer structure which will ensure you good stability and better balance as you run. Most of the time, brands provide breathability in their hydroflow cushioning technology. It’s also good to check if they’re comfortable as well.

Fourth, look for shock absorption and durability. Buying a good pair of Road Runner Running Shoes will be a great investment in your feet. Make sure that the shoe has a life span of about 3-5 years because it’s such a waste if it won’t be durable, and there’s no fun in running because you won’t be able to use it for long.

Fifth, make sure it has maximum comfort. Buying can be tricky – you will never know if it’s comfortable enough unless you’ve worn your Road Runner Running Shoes for about 5 hours. Brands like ASICS, Brook, Newton are solid manufacturers.

Lastly, you may want to ask around or check some reviews to make sure the shoes you choose are durable not only in dry seasons but during wet weather as well.

A lot of good brands fall because their shoe technology does not do well on rains, surprise puddles, and mere washing. You’d like to keep your Road Runner Running Shoes for many more years to come, so don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions to make sure you get the best buy.