ASICS GT 2160 Trail Running Shoe Review

By on January 3, 2018

Long before the creation of the ASICS GT 2160 Trail running shoe, millions of casual and professional runners turned to the ASICS GT 2150 running shoe for its high performance and durability.

The GT 2150 was the first in the GT series to evolve as a trail shoe from the ASICS road shoe model. Using advanced technology, this running shoe is a revolutionary high performance package with many outstanding features.

It quickly became one of ASICS most popular running shoes. However, as a company known not to rest on its laurels, ASICS continued to pioneer to create new and better products. In 2007, the company introduced ASICS GT 2160 Trail Running Shoes.

While retaining many of the advanced features of its predecessor, this newer version has burgeoning enhancements and features. ASICS GT 2160 Trail Running Shoes are the most lightweight of the GT 2100 series and increase performance. You conserve energy and reduce foot fatigue with this lightweight shoe.

Advanced Performance Upgrades

One of the major changes in the GT 2160 is in the midsole. A Guidance Line has been added. This is a longitudinal groove which is embossed into the midsole. It actually improves front to back movement when your foot strikes the ground. Also, this Guidance Line increases the efficiency of the stride.

The sole of the GT 2160 is also more rugged than its predecessors. Its surface has thicker bumps for more traction in wet or rougher terrains. It allows runners more control over the elements. The outer mesh of the GT 2160 is also a tighter weave, allowing for more breathability and wicking.

ASICS has also extended its PFT Technology to the lateral sides of the heel of the GT 2160. Previously, this memory foam was only in the bottom heel lining. This has really resulted in a snugger fit than the GT 2150. This customized fit is truly an athlete’s dream. With all these modifications and enhancements, the GT 2160 is one of the most comfortable and durable trail running shoes available on the market.

The composition of the ASICS Impact Guidance System enables the runner’s natural gait from heel to toe. This system helps prevent foot fatigue for runners as it allows the foot to perform in a natural manner.

Another feature of the GT 2160 is the GEL Cushioning System. The impact forces while running can reach up to three times a person’s bodyweight. The GEL Cushioning Systems allows the body’s natural shock absorbers to work better to reduce the impact on feet and legs.

GEL-units are placed throughout the midsole to create a high shock absorber. This also makes it easier for the runner to transition during the gait cycle. The Space Trusstic System is set in the center of the shoe and allows for efficient foot movement. The Solyte Technology has produced a lighter midsole and improved overall cushioning of the shoe.

Still More Advanced Features of the GT 2160

And there’s more technology that makes the GT 2160 running shoe an athlete’s dream. It features the DuraSponge Outsole and the DuoMax Support System. DuraSponge is a cushioned rubber outsole make especially for ASICS. It is a highly durable rubber material and holds up to rough terrains.

The DuoMax Support System gives stability and support during the gait cycle. It also helps reduce over pronation. Over pronation occurs when the foot rolls in more than approximately 15 percent. This results in the foot and ankle being unable to stabilize and absorb shock efficiently. The efficiency of the DuoMax Support System reduces many foot injuries among runners.

In addition to all the hallmarks of advanced technology, ASICS offers the GT 2160 in the latest colors for both men and women. Silver, grey, plum, kiwi and iced-blue are just a few of the latest palette. With high performance, comfort and stylish looks, the GT 2160 is taking the running industry by storm.