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Chippewa 50km
Chippewa 50km Race
Chippewa Moraine Trail Race

The Chippewa Moraine 50km Ultra Marathon

"A Run for the AGES"

The Chippewa Moraine Segment of the nearly 1200 mile National Scenic Ice Age Trail courses like a river through much of Wisconsin's glaciated landscape, which will take your footsteps back nearly 2 billion years!

The Ice Age period left its mark on the world's plants, animals and even its people.

The ranges of all species were compressed toward the equator and then expanded as the great ice sheets melted northward.

According to a 1995 Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources report, "The greatest historical event impacting Wisconsin vegetation occurred 10,000-60,000 years ago when Wisconsin was invaded by continental ice sheets."

Huge, now-extinct beasts, such as mammoth and mastodon, cave bears, and saber tooth cats roamed areas near the glacial ice.

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